Week 1 – Ideology in Media

Ideology is a set of ideas that are commonly held within a group of society. It’s a system of values, beliefs and attitudes that is said to be accurate, a fact and important. They define the norms for society or how a society should function.

The media hides ideological views within its products. The views it portrays are influenced by “the most powerful sectors of industry” as told by Adorno and Horkheimer in Enlightenment as a Mass Deception. In the reading, it is said that,’film, radio and magazines make up a uniform system’ for the culture industry and that they are just business is an ideology to account for the rubbish content they are still and continuously produce (Adorno, Theodor and Horkheimer, pp.32).

Content produced is still based on what consumers wants and needs. We buy and consume things based on the products the media chooses to present to us. Because of this, we accept it with so little resistance. Using ideology, the media can make it seem as if the products they are displaying, if bought, will help them achieve in life and make themselves more socially acceptable. This resonates with the passage in the reading:

“The public is catered for with a hierarchical range of mass-produced products of varying quality, thus advancing the rule of complete quantification. Everybody must behave (as if spontaneously in accordance with his previous determined and indexed level, and choose the category of mass product turned out for his type” (Adorno, Theodor and Horkheimer, pp.34).

This is a big problem in society where by doing this, the media takes away our individuality and freedom, and leaves us incapable of thinking of our own ideas and ideological views. The culture industry has blurred the lines of ‘art’, ‘reality’ and ‘life’ by selling consumers the ‘average’ life. But clearly it’s dominant ideologies. The players in the modern culture industry has made it more than average just to appeal to consumers.


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